A Keyboard with Two Screens! Matrix Lab Vita Quick Review

Matrix Lab Vita | Hii, Guys Your Welcome on this site, I came across the matrix lab vita when a friend of mine (Clinton) lent me some of his keyboards with the intention of enticing me to also buy one.

I guess misery loves company I guess and he was successful matrix lab vita is a Chinese keyboard manufacturer and some of their group buys were only done in china that is the case for the vita and I had to spend quite a bit to get my hands on one,

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Matrix Lab Vita LCD Screen Review

Interestingly enough what pulled me in with the vita was not the LCD screen I do think it is a great gimmick it’s fun to use but there are other things here that to me far outshine the LCD screen first is the finish on the case matrix lab calls this coding in their interest check.

They basically said that this is cerakote but they can’t call it cerakote since it is a brand name I love how it feels in the hand it is textured and not smooth nor shiny like anodized aluminum and I fell in love with the surface when I first touched it for the starry white coating.

Matrix Lab Vita Review
Matrix Lab Vita Review

Matrix Lab Vita Computer Keyboard

Which is the one that I bought you can see that there are some shiny particles in the coating that shimmer would like the second thing that I like is the backplate when I first looked at the renders I thought that I would hate this design since I found it too aggressive.

Turns out it look good in person I love the contrast between the relatively simple top against the brave design at the backplate and that pan the logo is a bagger the case is your typical box on a wedge design USB type-c implementation was handled well using a daughterboard on the bottom plate the top and the bottom bezels are a bit thick while the side vessels are just right going to the headliner LCD there are two LCD screens the top one is a square and,

the bottom one has an 8 by 3 aspect ratio you can use separate files for each screen matrix lab vita has an extensive document guide here that you can use to convert your files as for the LCD design I would have preferred if there was no metal plate.

Here to make the design flow better but that is subjective the plate was probably integral to the assembly so it was a compromise that had to be made to have two screens I also like the mounting system here it’s quite unique you have two plates thin aluminum plate.

And a silicone pad that goes on top of it basically the switches and the top plate come into contact with the silicone pad so there is a bit of isolation there are also some flex cuts along the perimeter of the plate these make the default typing feel not as stiff compared to regular top mounts you can also put o-rings on the assembly if you want a softer typing feel as for the sound the boards that we have here may not be a good reference because we used.

Kid fans switch pads this is kid fans take on the popular pe foam mod and it does change the sound of the boards some don’t like how it makes boards sound the same to me I like how it sounded here but I definitely won’t be using it in all my boards here’s a sound test of the boards overall I really like the matrix vita the design may not suit everyone’s preference but the finish,

And the build quality of the boards are definitely top-notch the LCD is a bit gimmicky but works well the mounting style is quite unique and works to bring a softer typing feel for a top mount it will be hard to get your hands on a matrix lab vita kit and it will likely be very expensive.

So I advise you to make sure that this is something that you really like before purchasing it me I already knew what I wanted in the keyboard so I thought it was a good purchase and that is it for this one if you liked the video please do consider subscribing and I hope I have helped you in deciding whether this is the keyboard for you see you in the next one.

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