Top mobiles to buy in end of 2019

Top mobiles to buy in end of 2019

Top mobiles to buy at the end of 2019:-This year many mobiles came and we saw many mobiles failed and many mobiles made a huge success in this year of 2019. 2019 is gone very well in mobile platforms because much new technology introduced in this year of 2019, Top mobiles to buy in end of 2019. What do you guys think? Many brands of mobiles made huge money and sold a lot of mobiles in this year.

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Top mobiles to buy 2019

Top mobiles to buy in end of 2019
Top mobiles to buy in end of 2019

We saw drop notch trending in this year and the edge to edge display. And the iPhone 11 bring us to triple camera and all design is same no difference we can see in the design of iPhone 11 we hope iPhone 12 is different than iPhone 10 and iPhone 11. Samsung released a lot of mobiles. And the Samsung s10 is very good at display and the big screen. Note 10 also gone very well the Samsung made huge money. How we forgot about mi the mi mobile is still in the no1 spot in India I think realms gonna take that position what you guys think let me know in the comment section.

iPhone 11 Yes the iPhone 11 because Apple made the fastest processor in mobile phones. And the credit goes to apple. And the triple camera looks awesome but there is no difference between iPhone X and the iPhone 11 this is the disappointing thing about the Apple we accepting different mobile and we got nothing and we got nothing. Well, we gonna wait till iPhone 12 comes.

Samsung note 10

Why I am talking about the high-end mobiles because we see the latest tech in the high-end model only that’s why I am talking about the high-end mobile. The Samsung Note 10 is the successor of the Samsung note 9. Note series is known for big and vibrant display and the pen in note 10 yes the pen is a very important part of note 10 because the note 10 known for its S pen what do you guys think.

OnePlus 7 pro

Yes, the big-budget phone market is halted by OnePlus the high-end specs in low prices are not that low but we can see the difference. The one plus 7 pro is the successor of the OnePlus 6 and the price killing the high-end mobile. Everywhere we can see the advertisement about the OnePlus 7 pro. The camera is good the processor is good it is the all-around mobile phone in the mobile industry if anyone wants to buy a mobile phone with the latest specs this is the mobile. Where we can invest our money what you guys think

Samsung galaxy S10

How we forgot about this mobile phone is the killer mobile phone from Samsung. And this mobile is also the successor of the Samsung galaxy s9 yes the Samsung galaxy s9 became very successful in 2018 that’s why the S10 comes to make another success. The Samsung galaxy had a very good camera and good specs and the price range is also reasonable compared to apple

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